This is my first formal Review :) I was very excited about it!

I've been just dying to try one of the "Miracle Working Stickers!" I couldn't wait to get my hands on one! Or belly I should say, lol. I contacted Andrea about getting one and trying it out, she shipped it so fast, It was in my PO Box in 2 days. I grabbed the mail on my way to work, and it was there. I was disappointed however that I had to wait until after my shift to get it to work!

Got out of work came home, blabbed about it to my SO for awhile, and applied it. Directions are right on the package, so it's sooo easy. Open it up, be sure to apply to clean and dry skin of course, unfold and apply. I used it on my left over baby pouch from my two boys. If you want you can cut in in half for your thighs or a neck application or even arms...

After applying It felt just like an Icy Hot patch, but just the Icy part. ind of tingly, but mostly just like a minty gel is on your belly. Your first time application it advises you to leave it on for 45 mins, to be sure of no skin reaction (rare!)... I put mine on at 10pm, checked at 10:45 with no reaction and I was very comfortable, so I ended up leaving it on throughout the night. I did put tight fitting clothing over as a shirt and some comfy workout capris to sleep in, just to be sure it would stay up against skin for full affects as I'm a tosser and turner when I sleep.

I slept great, just like any other night... actually better as the babes didn't awake to come into Mommy and Daddy's Bed. It was funny actually, by the time I crawled into bed, my SO was convinced in trying one too... he's been a Gym addict lately. Working on his chest and arms, but thinks his horribly not bad tummy needs a little extra firming action lol... if he does end up getting one I will be sure to post before and afters on there for the men too, no worries!

So yes like I said, slept great, not uncomfortable at all. Woke up, took wrap off, rubbed the remaining lotion in and took some photos...

There you have it. One Wrap, Overnight, Pretty good results. :) No sucking in or pushing out of the stomach during photo taking. haha... I PROMISE. I'm pretty sure I will be getting more. This also has helped give me that extra boost to stick to my diet closer, and keep up my own Gym visits!

End results- Jumpn' Jax Highly Recommends the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator

Be sure to head over to to get the best deals and super fast shipping from and Amazing lady with Amazing Wraps! Thank you Andrea!